Monday, July 9, 2012

The Right to Seek the Truth against the Srebrenica Myth

It appears the Serb Republic-funded Srebrenica Historical Project has been doing a good job of providing evidence and arguments that the allegations of genocide committed in and around Srebrenica in July of 1995 have been standing on a shaky ground all along. How do I know this? Well, if Michael Dobbs, a watchful anti-Serb pundit writing for Foreign Policy magazine goes on the offensive against Stephen Karganović and his project, that means Karganović has made progress dangerous enough for the continued standing of the myth Bosniaks and their allies like to call “the Srebrenica genocide.”
Before I get into the argument, I want to underline a couple of technical issues. I am not a genocide "denier" because it is impossible to deny something that doesn't exist. I am a Srebrenica “truther” and the truth about Srebrenica encapsulates historical developments stretching from 1992 to 1995 that can in no way be limited to July of 1995. On the other side of the spectrum, we have the Srebrenica “mythers,” whose version of events currently “prevails” with the North Atlantic community’s interested public. The difference between the “truthers” and the “mythers” is in the fact the “truthers” are willing to seek the truth, while the “mythers” are only obstinate in defending the myth they have fabricated to favor their political agenda. And the litmus test for "mythers" is their complete denial of more than 3000 Serb victims in and around Srebrenica at the hands of Naser Orić and his "unarmed" cohorts. The very basis for the Srebrenica myth is the monopolization of victimhood by the Bosnian Muslims. 
Dobbs has been performing an unofficial function of the public advocate for the anti-Serb Republic interest, with the Srebrenica genocide allegations being the central theme of his watchdog career. He is a typical “myther” of a Western variety. Karganović, on the other hand, is a Serb-American lawyer who heads the Srebrenica Historical Project, funded by the government of the Serb Republic. This project was undertaken to seek the truth and challenge the myth surrounding the Army of the Serb Republic’s capture of Srebrenica on July 11, 1995, fabricated by the Sarajevo government and its Western allies. These two men, one on a serious mission of defending the legitimate interest of the Serbian people to free the besieged truth, the other seriously attempting to undermine that defense, were bound to clash. 
In a “revolutionary” turn of perfidious events, Dobbs triumphantly ''uncovered'' that the Serb Republic is actually financing Srebrenica Historical Project! Well, I ask you, Mr. Dobbs, if someone accuses you of committing a crime you know you haven’t committed and based on that accusation your entire existence is being threatened, wouldn’t you try to defend your claims? 
It was about time the Serb Republic has encouraged projects such as this one to finally and decisively clarify the events surrounding the capture of Srebrenica to the Serbian public. The leadership of the Serb Republic would be committing injustice towards generations of young Serbs who would have to learn their history from the decisions of a foreign court, evidently hostile to Serbs, if it has not attempted to seek the truth in a non-compromised way.
Since he cannot produce any substantiated offense against Karganović’s findings other than the reiteration of the very genocide qualifications Karganović has been arguing against, Dobbs tries to appear understanding by seemingly allowing the disagreement and differing interpretations of the events, but expressing outrage at what he called “the unsubstantiated challenges to underlying facts that have been proven beyond reasonable doubt.” This construction is a spin in itself because it doesn’t make logical sense to not mind dissent on one end but to disprove of the right to express the substance of that dissent on the other. On a more important note, Dobbs cunningly slips in expressions like ‘’proven beyond reasonable doubt’’ or, in another place “suppressing the truth,” instituting the acceptance of what he wants the reader to believe is the truth. Not many allegations related to Srebrenica have been proven beyond reasonable doubt and no one honestly seeking the truth can afford to claim so. By doing this, Dobbs sets the audience up for denying the Serb Republic a right to challenge what the “mythers” established as “the truth.” In their eyes, there can be no truth but their truth and people like Karganović and, by implication, Milorad Dodik, are, in such a twisted paradigm, naturally branded ‘’deniers’’ of such a truth. By extension, this qualification applies to the entire Bosnian Serb population. He finishes with a punch, best he could muster, err, parrot: 
For the government and parliament of Republika Srpska to finance such outlandish theories makes the Bosnian Serb statelet complicit with efforts to suppress the truth about the worst massacre in Europe since World War II.” 
What kind of a “myther” would Dobbs be without the Amanpourian references?
Instead of me boring you with intepretations, I’ll quote Karganović is his response to Dobbs’ panicked finger-pointing:
“…we receive a grant which is voted by the National Assembly of the Republic of Srpska. Those deputies are elected by the people of the Republic of Srpska. The people of the Republic of Srpska are not complaining, presumably because they regard our work as worthwhile. So why is Dobbs unhappy? Is he a Republic of Srpska taxpayer? He unctuously claims that 'I have no objection at all to a vigorous and open debate about the evidence presented to the Yugoslav war crimes tribunal, which deserves to be fully scrutinized.’ So even if he were personally contributing to our budget as a taxpayer shouldn’t he still be expected to be consistent and to put his money where his mouth is?”
Enough said.
The leadership of the Serb Republic owes the search for the truth to the men and women who bled to build the Republic, as defenders of their own, not as genocidal killers the ‘’mythers” and the overzealous Western anti-Serb crusaders made them out to be. The Banja Luka government owes to these people the truth they could continue to build their Republic on. Moreover, whatever the truth turns out to be, children of the Serb Republic must learn it from their parents and their teachers, not from their war enemies, malevolent foreign agents, anti-Serb trial chambers and the prosecutors of the Republic’s founding fathers.


Max said...

Internationally respected military forensic specialist Dr Zoran Stankovic, who reviewed the findings of the six experts employed by the Tribunal wrote that the effort lacked standard procedures, several of experts also lacked familiarity with wounds inflicted by military ordinance and some parts of the reports are “contrary to the generally acceptable forensic standards”. According to Dr Stankovic, many of the bodies exhumed from 17 gravesites were found in an advance state of decay “skeletonized, disarticulated and decomposed” lacking soft tissue and body parts that could help determine the cause of death. “Ascertainment of the cause of death in the cases of decomposed bodies is generally extremely difficult and in most case impossible."Between 200 and 300 blindfolds and ligatures were exhumed with bodies by the ICTY, and as Dr. Stankovic notes, these are sure signs of executoor.......Forensic specialists of the Hague Tribunal are perhaps the only professionals in their field in the entire world who do not depend on material evidence in order to determine the manner (and sometimes even the cause) of death.The International Commission on Missing Persons (ICMP) is doing DNA analysis to determine the identity of the victims, but they’re doing absolutely nothing to determine how any of them died, which makes it impossible to say how many of them were victims of a war crime and how many were simply victims of the war or belligerents killed in combat.....From Kosovo in 1999 to the Congo in 2005, Srebrenica is held up as conclusive proof that the West is morally obliged to intervene militarily in conflict situations.What the Sender Gleiwitz was to the Nazis, the little town of Srebrenica is to NATO.The propaganda "Srebrenica" is NATO’s Auschwitz fake.

Srbo said...

Not to mention the Hague expert witness William Haglund whom Karadzic completely discredited a couple of days ago. Haglund belonged to Physicians for Human Rights, a shady organization of medical "experts" that conducted key analysis on Srebrenica exhumations. Haglund does not even have a degree necessary to conduct this type of research, let alone being one of the top people in the field, which would be reasonable to expect when dealing with historic implications of the Srebrenica myth magnitude.
More and more evidence is produced to contradict almost every claim the mythers have made, from the number of victims, to the content of the mass graves, to the way victims died...
You are right, the political pretext was needed and it was conveniently created. The Serbs are be vilified with no proof, no serious attempt at research, no credibility of witnesses, no bodies.