Monday, July 2, 2012

The Final Ahtisaari: No 1244, Just Juggernaut

The Kosovo paradox peaked on Monday; nothing out of the ordinarily deviating path, but a development nevertheless. The International Steering Group (ISG), a self-appointed group of Western countries that "supervised" the so-called independence of the rogue state of Kosovo, declared the end of that supervision. According to the decision, the International Civilian Representative (ICR) for Kosovo, Peter Feith, will close his office in Priština in September, a move that will supposedly remove the babysitting element from the Kosovo Albanian attempt at statehood. All of this sounds fine, right? Wrong.
The end of the supervision is just the latest in the series of illegitimate moves by a group of countries that have recognized Kosovo's independence from Serbia. Although these countries, including the United States and most of the European Union members, called themselves ''the international community,'' there was nothing as global about them as the moniker leads one to believe. The attempt to add weight to Kosovo's illegitimate independence by backing it with an "international" support can indeed fool a lot of observers. This "international" community, consisting of only 25 countries, excluded two permanent members of the UN Security Council, China and Russia and five EU members. It was not a UN body; these countries simply decided they had enough power to carve a new map of Europe, like Hitler thought he could do in 1938. 
Namely, the ISG is a creation of the Ahtisaari Plan, a failed 2007 attempt by former Finnish president Martti Ahtisaari to impose a complicated anti-Serbian solution for the occupied southern province of Serbia. Ahtisaari won the Nobel Peace Prize for this plan, despite the fact that the plan failed miserably. But hey, other people have received the devalued prize for nothing, too. 
Ahtisaari does not matter, but his plan does. The Plan, or the draft Settlement, as it ended up being called, proposed creating provisional governing structures that would in effect serve as a transitional mechanism towards Kosovo's statehood. Serbia's Prime Minister Vojislav Koštunica rejected the Plan, claiming it violated the UN Charter and undermined Serbia's sovereignty, seriously deviating from the UNSCR 1244, which governed the relationships since the occupation of Kosovo and Metohia by NATO in 1999. Instead of the Plan dead-ending there, the Western countries that would go on to recognize Kosovo a year later, actually went ahead and began implementing it in cooperation with the Kosovo Albanian leadership. Thus, the ISG and the ICR were created. This failed and utterly one-sided proposal ended up clearing the path for Kosovo Albanians' declaration of independence a year later. Serbia's disagreement counted for nothing; Serbia had no say in it, despite its sovereignty and territory being blatantly ripped away from it. The North Atlantic community, led by the United States, disregarded the UN Security Council again, just like in 1999 when it attacked Serbia and occupied Kosovo and Metohia, and implemented a proposal that sides did not agree upon, in order to grant independence to the rogue Kosovo Albanian state.
In Vienna on Monday, the gang of 25 just finished the job. Serbia, still stuck on the UNSCR 1244, did not even react. How could it? For the official Belgrade, even if it had a standing government, Kosovo's independence is illegal and illegitimate, regardless of what a bunch of Western countries decided. However, the reality on the ground, just or not, legitimate or not, denies one after another of Serbia's claims to its occupied southern province.
I know might makes right. I also know that no matter what the Albanian sponsors unilaterally decide, Kosovo is Serbia until Serbia decides it isn't, even if it can't effectively control the province. But the blatant disregard of the United States and NATO for the internationally accepted norms and standards, not only in respect to Serbia, leads me to believe that the world order in which the UN Security Council served as a hub for global political communications and conflict resolution is over. There are no more conflict resolution forums of the kind and the North Atlantic alliance's steamrolling through the Kosovo case, imposing solutions favorable to one side and carving new states out of the existing UN members, is only the latest example of the intent to dominate at all costs. A complete disregard for the complexity of the problem, which the recurring attacks against the North Kosovo Serbs by NATO remind us of a couple of times a month, shows the world what NATO countries really are: an aggressive military juggernaut bent on obliterating every opposition it isn't afraid of. 
The Monday decision in Vienna is a relatively insignificant one in terms of the developments in the Kosovo case, but it does show the intent to further the agenda, to keep pushing forward. Camp Bondsteel is staying put, so it is not like NATO is withdrawing. Ending the supervision only attempted to give the further legitimacy to Hashim Thaci's government, the legitimacy that upholds the reality on the ground, very unfavorable to Serbia and, more directly, to the Kosovo Serbs. The ISG countries did not pretend to trust the Albanians with governing themselves, but the prolonged official babysitting would not make anyone look good.
One question remains unanswered: how long can Serbia ignore the reality and play the Euro-integration game in denial of the hostilities the EU countries and the United States would not stop bombarding it with? 


Carl Savich said...

In 1999, when he was the president of Finland, Marti Ahtisaari wanted to honor Finnish Nazi Waffen SS troops. His representatives argued that Finnish Nazi Waffen SS troops committed no war crimes themselves. All members of the Nazi Waffen SS, however, had to swear a personal oath to Adolf Hitler. Heinrich Himmler, the "architect of the Holocaust", was the leader of the Waffen SS. Finnish Nazi SS troops helped capture Jewish prisoners who were later killed by German forces during Operation Barbarossa, the invasion of the Soviet Union. He wanted the Finnish government to fund a monument to Finnish Nazi Waffen SS troops in the Ukraine. Here is a link to my article on this topic:

Joan Roca said...

Marti Ahtisaari is a finn. Finns are descendents from tundra-taiga tribes, ugro.finns are antislavs. Any movement of this fake nobel prize must have seen in his antiserb , and antirussian feeling. These tribes were nazi allies,like baltics, in their aims to destroy russians, being nazi puppets.These eskimos descendents use to sell his soul to scandinavians or western their purpose of destroy orthodox slav people.
The genocide against serbian people perpetred by western capitalist dogs is a crime against humanity, they want to destroy serbians and become them slaves ,the most dangerous enemies of serbian nation were nor ustace or arnauts they were tadics, and zinzics and democrat quislings, they musy be condemned for high traision at serbian nation.
while NATO terrorism give at the worse assasins, , croatians , albanians ,bosnian yihadism with states born in serbian blood while give monkey states at fake nations like montenegrins or macedonians . Serbia is the one and only independent state in these area,sorrounded by enemies, have to fight first for kosovo and Metohija, and later for krajina , montenegro, north macedonia, dlamacia and slavonia. Serbia has to ecover their historic borders.