Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Jihad in Florida: America and Her Proteges

Source: myfoxtampabay.com
Another day, another terrorist attack on the United States by an Albanian thwarted.
From the media reports, one would think that the United States haven't recognized Serbia's occupied province of Kosovo as an independent state. Sami Osmakac, the arrested suspect, is a Kosovo Albanian, yet the American media neglect this fact in the light of the man supposedly attempting to commit a terrorist act on the American soil. As in many other cases involving Albanian and Bosniac enemies of the United States, the American media used outdated, misguided, irrelevant identifiers such as "former Yugoslavia." In the case of Mevlid Jasarevic, a Bosniac Wahhabi Muslim who attacked the US Embassy in Sarajevo in October, the Western media outdid themselves and used an oxymoron of sorts to spin the facts and identified the terrorist as a "Serbian Muslim." 
To be clear, this is not a matter of lack of research and knowledge or of a plain confusion amidst the "balkanized" political and ethnic nomenclature of Southeast Europe. This practice of mistaking terrorists' ethnic affiliations is a smoke screen, an aversion from the facts, from the true identities of radical Muslims who walk around looking for any thing American to blow up. Of course, the American mainstream media are not independent, they are owned by larger entities, conglomerates who depend on strong ties with the government, especially if their major investments are in military industrial complex. As for the government, it created the monster, so it has to put up with it. American citizens, like those five in a Utah mall killed by a Bosnian Muslim in 2007, or those that could've been killed in the New York City subway terror plot by another Bosnian Muslim, Adis Medunjanin, and his crew, in January of 2010, are just a collateral to the appetites of American corporate and governmental imperialism. The two GIs killed by an Albanian Arid Uka in Frankfurt were at least soldiers, well-trained and on foreign soil, but it was an attack on America by her Albanian proteges nevertheless.
Al-Qaeda that CIA created to invent reasons for conquest of the Muslim Middle East is nothing compared to the forces of Islamic radicalism whose feelings are simmering under the surface to rise against America only in sporadic outbursts. Their hatred for everything non-Muslim - and America is the supreme meddler in the affairs of Islam and the No. 2 enemy of Islam, right behind Israel - is much more serious than the sentiments that allegedly motivated the attacks on the World Trade Center. The proof of this lies in the very identity of these new-wave terrorists: Arid Uka, Mevlid Jasarevic, Adis Medunjanin, Sami Osmakac, Sulejman Talovic, Dritan, Shain and Eljvir Duka. The non-Middle Eastern names - Bosniac and Albanian - of the men who committed or plotted to commit the majority of terrorist attacks against America in America reveal a trend. Namely, the very peoples that have been American proteges in the wars of Yugoslav secession and which the United States militarily sided with against the Serbs in Bosnia and Serbia gave birth to the rise of radical Islam that now pits their sons against America. And Bosniacs and Albanians are of white race, almost indistinguishable from the French or Italians. (Well, a Serb can distinguish them, but an American can't.)
Yet, with all this being said, the American media won't tell the truth to the American people. The truth is that the American people are being exposed to the active danger of radical Islam brought about by the same groups American tax dollars were used on arming and fighting for. There should be no such a thing as identifying someone as a "former Yugoslav," when the person has a clear national identity. I, as a Serb, do not recognize the independence of Kosovo, but the American media shouldn't have a problem identifying Sami Osmakac as a Kosovo Albanian since their country does recognize Kosovo. The suspected Muslim terrorist from Florida is no former Yugoslav; he is a Kosovo Albanian, and the American public should know him as such.


Gray Falcon said...

The Washington Times actually ran an editorial at the time of Fort Dix Six arrests, blasting the media for "perception management" in spinning the arrested Albanians as anything else.

The only explanation that actually fits the data is that the U.S. is trying to use the ideology of global jihad as a weapon. If so, that policy is stupid, criminal and - worst of all - horribly mistaken.

Srbo said...

A lot of details of this and past events of this kind evade explanation. If the Empire, as you endearingly call it, spins the identity of the Jihad warriors every time, why does it even publicize their arrests? If they are doing it to keep America scared and nodding its head to more abridging of liberty, I'm sure their well implanted "informants" (FBI agents who in many cases orchestrate plots only to foil them, e.g. the Upstate NY case) can come up with candidates on the warpath of Jihad whose identities wouldn't be damaging to the freedom fighting characterizations of American proteges in the Southeast Europe. I mean, get a Yemeni or a Syrian.

Meezer said...

The American media intentionally does this to protect the policies of the empire regardless of which wing of the one war party is in charge.

Srbo said...

Of course, the American media executives have bosses that pay their salaries. To have access to sources, be it an "embedded" status in a war zone or getting to sit in a White House briefing or even having a privilege to ask a question, the media powerhouses have to comply and go along.