Friday, April 13, 2012

The Snake in the White House and a License to Kill


While the entire Serbia is embroiled in the electoral pandemonium of false promises, broken false promises (that’s when a candidate promises an impossibility, people elect him based on that promise, he admits the promise was false and then runs for re-election), loyalty v. betrayal charades, regurgitation of irrelevant notions etc., the Serbs in Kosovo, abandoned by their government physically and legally, are bracing for the invasion from across the Ibar River following the warmongering rhetoric of Hajredin Kuqi, Deputy Prime Minister of the rogue Republic of Kosovo, coinciding with his boss’ pilgrimage to Washington, D.C. Hashim Thaci, accused of organ trafficking in a Council of Europe report, otherwise known as the Prime Minister of the rogue state of Kosovo, and familiar to his acquaintances who survived the pleasure of meeting him as “Snake,” was greeted warmly in the highest circles of the American politics, including by Vice-President Joe Biden, a notorious backer of anti-Serb agenda in Kosovo and elsewhere. In news other than Thaci’s visit to the White House and Kuqi’s threats of invasion, ROSU, the special operations unit of the Kosovo Albanian security forces, has been building up presence on the south side of the Ibar River, reportedly gearing for the invasion on the free Kosovo Serb municipalities north of Ibar, readily threatened by Kuqi and solicited the support for in the right places by Thaci. Thaci might have gone to Washington for the Cherry Blossoms Festival and merely swung by to see his good buddy Joe, but something the White House said in its press readout of the meeting troubled me, not because of the content, which is pretty bland, but because of the context and the timing of the visit. “Vice President Biden reiterated our support for Kosovo’s sovereignty and territorial integrity,” the readout said, which sounds to me like a signal that the U.S. stands behind any Albanian move to exert control over the entire territory the White House recognized as the Republic of Kosovo. With the invasion in the offing, the threats made, the mobilization imminent and the leader soliciting the blessing, what else could this statement mean?
The invasion of the North has to be timed perfectly, the right pretext has to be found for it, and there cannot be any room for half-measures or errors: the Serbs of Kosovo have to be brought to their knees or ethnically cleansed. Thaci came to Washington to make sure this is supported by the White House and/or to create leverage against all the possible factions within the anti-Serb alliance that are hesitant to allow the invasion.  KFOR, which is NATO, the military overlord of the occupied province, and EULEX, the European Union police force that serves as the other prong of the Western occupation of Kosovo, have reportedly been tentative in allowing the Albanians to invade the free North. (When I say “free” North, I mean free of the Albanian rogue state controls, not free of NATO and EU occupation, although the latest, EU-directed “footnote” deal between the official Belgrade and the Kosovo Albanian representatives removed a giant roadblock for the Albanian controls to be legally exerted in the North.)  There were reports of both EULEX and KFOR officials clashing with the Albanian military and police commanders, a much unexpected and puzzling new development that only the passage of time will clarify. The struggle between the Western agents and the local Albanian factors over the monopoly on the use of coercive power may be rearing its head, impelled by the increasing ultra-nationalist popular pressure, whether organic or orchestrated, on the Albanian officials to deal with the free North Kosovo Serbs. Considering the alarming levels of inter-ethnic violence in the neighboring NATO protectorate of FYR of Macedonia, intensified today after five bodies of Macedonian men killed execution-style were found near Skoplje, the Albanian regional expansionist tendencies are newly culminating in a violent way and the North Atlantic community’s operatives on the ground may be looking at a scenery quite different from what the ever-aggressive White House sees it.
Then there is the matter of the Serbian election possibly being held in the North Kosovo municipalities on May 6. According to the Serbian Constitution and to the rhetoric of the Tadić government, Kosovo is Serbia, despite Belgrade's actions contradicting both the highest legal act and the rhetoric. Since the North Kosovo institutions are still free, the Serbian authorities may be physically able to set up polling points in this part of the province. Whether they would is a debate reluctantly held in Serbia as the less relevant campaign issues are overwhelming it and submerging its otherwise monumental significance, perhaps to the pleasure of the responsible officials. Thaci has warned against it, Belgrade has kept its official mouth shut, but some presidential candidates have personally campaigned in Mitrovica. It is not impossible that Boris Tadić resigned from the post of the president - ostensibly to be able to call for the presidential election and run for the third time - to actually throw hot potatoes out of his hands in case of an election-related incident in the North Kosovo. Now he doesn't even have to touch the issue of the Constitutional mandate of holding the election in the province and he may still retain the power when everything is said and done. Wicked.
There is also a possibility of a program conflict between the NATO allies, where the United States do not care how the possible ethnic cleansing of the Serbs will reflect itself in Serbia, while Germany does not want to be too rough with Boris Tadić before the May 6 elections; where Washington D.C. or rather, Langley, Virginia, is satisfied with the role the rogue state of Kosovo plays in the international drug trade chains and has no problem with treating its Albanian protégés with a field day in North Mitrovica, while Germany’s domination of Europe is still not cemented to the point where it can afford to run amok like Hitler could; where the ever-present Turkey may be including the desires of the Balkan Muslims in the package of demands in return for doing America’s bidding in Syria; where Germany and the United States may not see eye to eye when it comes to the effects and implications of the Russian barging in last December, vis-à-vis their differing respective relations with Russia… Just speculative points that could be further explored by more qualified analysts, or perhaps by one of the outed Serbian journalists contracted by George Friedman’s Stratfor, since their access to the relevant information should be way more direct than mine.
Meanwhile, not a day goes by in which a non-Albanian is not physically assaulted in the Albanian-dominated areas of Kosovo. Emil Lečina, a Bosniak from Serbia visiting relatives in Metohija, is most likely going to lose an eye after one such assault near Peć on Thursday.  Savo Mojsić, a Serbian youth killed by Albanians last November in the north Mitrovica, was the victim no. 1002 since the beginning of the NATO occupation. Perpetrators never get prosecuted by the local Albanian authorities, Serbs have no power to defend themselves against these random attacks, and the foreign representatives in Kosovo do not enable the basic rule of law in the occupied territory. Both North Kosovo and Macedonia are powder kegs waiting to blow up and the incidents of inter-ethnic violence escalating daily do not help calm the passions. All the Albanians need is a nod from 1600 Pennsylvania Ave, as always. 

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